CommsPro Network

We want to promote respect and understanding of the work communications professionals do, and ensure that pay, working conditions, and opportunities for development are fair, competitive, and transparent across the sector.

What do CommsPro members say about working in communications?

  • 75% say pay across the industry is not fair, consistent, or transparent.
  • 41% say they are not paid or compensated for all the hours they work.
  • 33% say their managers and colleagues don’t respect and understand their work.
  • 59% say their employer doesn’t ensure ongoing opportunities for professional development.

Our Members

Communications is an exciting, diverse and growing industry. However, it is struggling to meet the demands of the modern media and 24 hour news cycle. As a consequence communications professionals are forfeiting the hard earned rights and conditions they are entitled to at work just to keep up.

Commspro members are media and public relations officers, digital campaigners, website designers, multimedia producers, speechwriters, community managers or a combination of these roles.

We love the work we do, but want the industry to do better for the people working in it.

What Our Members Say

The Good Jobs in Comms Campaign

About the Campaign

Over the last year we’ve been talking to our members and communications professionals across Australia to find out what they believe a good job in communications looks like; as a result we have created the Good Jobs in Comms Charter.

The charter outlines the key issues that need to be addressed in the sector to ensure that communications professionals are empowered to build strong careers in communications.

We’re asking employers to support our campaign to build a stronger industry, by endorsing the Good Jobs in Comms Charter in their workplace.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access year-round affordable professional development workshops and skills sessions.
  • Receive assistance with employment queries and issues that come up at work.
  • Support campaigns to build a stronger, fairer and more transparent industry for communications professionals.
  • Connect with a growing network of communications professionals across Australia.
  • Become a member of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) – Australia’s largest and most established union and industry advocate for Australia’s creative professionals.

Get involved

As the network for Australia’s communications professionals, with a plan to make our industry strong, fair, and transparent, we need your support. It is only with active members that we can grow our campaign and win the respect, pay and conditions communications professionals deserve.

Part of MEAA

The CommsPro Network is an initiative of the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance, Australia’s largest and most established union for all creative professionals.
MEAA members have stood together for more than a century building good work conditions, respect and long careers for journalists in traditional media settings – now we are organising for the future by bringing communications professionals together to build a stronger industry.
MEAA recognises you are a professional – educated, multi-skilled, creative and passionate about the work you do – and our members want those qualities to be recognised and rewarded throughout your career.