About the Charter

The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance 2018 Good Jobs Survey asked communications professionals across Australia what a ‘good job’ in communications looks like to them. More than 100 participants provided insights into current job responsibilities, rates of pay and the key issues that need to be addressed to ensure communications professionals are employed on good working conditions, are paid fairly, and are empowered to build strong careers in the communications.

This often looks like working unusual hours, monitoring and updating social media out of work hours, and responding to urgent requests and events as they arise and not being adequately compensated.

The Good Jobs Charter for Communications Professionals

  1. Respect for and understanding of my work from managers and colleagues
  2. Payment and/or compensation for hours worked, either as overtime or as time-off-in-lieu
  3. Job security without casualisation
  4. Fair, consistent and transparent pay across the industry
  5. An employer that actively manages excessive working hours
  6. Ongoing professional development to keep up with industry changes
  1. Reimbursement for on-the-job expenses
  2. An employer that hires, retains and promotes people from diverse backgrounds
  3. Clear ethical standards across the industry
  4. Clear scope and conditions before a job commences
  5. A workplace that lives and practices its values
  6. Having a voice in workplace and industry decisions through my union

Join Our Committee

If you’re interested in becoming an advocate in your sector, join our CommsPro Network industry committee. Currently we have committees based in Melbourne and Sydney and our committee members come from a variety of different workplaces. Our objective is to bring people working in the industry together to make plans to build a stronger industry.